July 2016 Gambia update

Delighted to report Momadou has been around the villages and all the water systems are providing clean water and this has improved the health of the villagers especially the children. Kerr Wally ,Ndofin and Chessy all operate from one borehole ,solar panels,and tank with the water being piped to the taps, Ndofin is 3 km away and has had an issue with low pressure,so the villages have got together and agreed the tank must be fully filled before anyone draws water so as the pressure stays good.This is great community thinking.

Our chicken project is going well with 150 fiveIMG_1073IMG_1074IMG_1075IMG_1077IMG_1078-day old chicks being purchased and reared in Njongon animal house.You can see in the photos they are growing well and will be sold off in a few months.

We have 50 beehives spread over the villages and those bees are working hard to deliver honey.

We would really like to put in another system to another village this year but we need 45k,so if you have any spare funds please donate.Every penny will go to the project.