2019 Update

The Girls Agenda have elected a new Board to oversee the Mandaur Women’s centre and have told us they are getting architects and builders on site in the next month. We will be building a security wall around the property first and then developing the internal area. The project will have a training area, a clinic, a residential block, and a production area so as we can manufacture sanitary towels .

Bafaluto water system is flowing well and funds are being collected from each family to ensure continued maintenance. The village population has grown to over 1000.

MuBullet Ba has had a lowering of water pressure which we are looking into and may be due to the extra pipework and taps that were added at the end of last year. This system is currently giving nearly 3000 people clean water in Njongon and Mubullet ba, so it may need a larger pump.

Fundraising is continuing with picture framing, wood turning and jewellery sales plus the women from the Girls Agenda sent us bracelets and necklaces which we were able to sell. We are applying to many organisations for help but so far none have stepped up. We have raised 40000stg towards the project so far but the budget is growing to 100K.

Every donation helps our women in Gambia move forward so

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