Milling House

The sons of the chief of Njongon have provided the village women with a milling machine,to grind their own corn. All the village have become involved with making bricks using our machines and skills learnt over the last few years to build a mill house. A great example of helping people to help themselves.IMG_4104 IMG_4105 IMG_4109 IMG_4108

Northern Ireland Charities Commission

After a very detailed valuation of our charity which raises funds for clean water systems in Gambia,the Charities Commission have granted us a new registration number NIC103606

We are delighted that this scrutiny of charities is taking place and ensures that money is being used for the purposes stated and that 100% of the donations are going to our projects.

We have added picture framing to our jewellery making in another effort to raise money,just e mail us if you have any requirements coming up to Christmas.

July 2016 Gambia update

Delighted to report Momadou has been around the villages and all the water systems are providing clean water and this has improved the health of the villagers especially the children. Kerr Wally ,Ndofin and Chessy all operate from one borehole ,solar panels,and tank with the water being piped to the taps, Ndofin is 3 km away and has had an issue with low pressure,so the villages have got together and agreed the tank must be fully filled before anyone draws water so as the pressure stays good.This is great community thinking.

Our chicken project is going well with 150 fiveIMG_1073IMG_1074IMG_1075IMG_1077IMG_1078-day old chicks being purchased and reared in Njongon animal house.You can see in the photos they are growing well and will be sold off in a few months.

We have 50 beehives spread over the villages and those bees are working hard to deliver honey.

We would really like to put in another system to another village this year but we need 45k,so if you have any spare funds please donate.Every penny will go to the project.

Momodou Joof

Momodou Joof – Ping Charity’s man on the ground in The Gambia

Ping Charity is very fortunate to have teamed up with Momodou over the last 7 years. Momodou, as well as being a school master has a very keen interest and commitment to helping people in rural villages to develop sustainable projects. He does this through a Gambian charity which he set up and runs, Future Farmers of Gambia (FFG). While Momodou is not paid a salary by Ping Charity, when he was actively involved in overseeing our projects his expenses were paid.

In the last year there has been a lull in our activities as we try to raise funds for another village’s water system. During this period and for the remainder of this year Momodou is concentrating on the establishment of three projects to supplement his modest teacher’s pension.

What he learns from this work will enable us to replicate some of these projects into other villages to enable them, among other things, to generate sufficient funds to maintain their Water Systems and improve their market gardening activities.
The projects are,

1) Fish Farming. By using Compressed Earth Blocks which we make with our own equipment he has built a 25mt by 10mt in ground tank through which there will be a regular flow of fresh water.

2) BeeKeeping. While some of our villages have beekeeping, it has not developed to the extent we expected.  Momodou has now built 30 new hives, more than half of which have been colonised, and hopes over the next year to add another 30. With the knowledge he gains and his example we hope to encourage more BeeKeeping in The Gambia.

3) Poultry Farming. There is a Gambian Government sponsored programme which offers help and assistance to folks who wish to start poultry farming. However it is necessary to have your buildings & facilities approved before assistance will be provided. With the know-how in this area which Momodou is accumulating he will be well positioned to help others who wish to set up poultry farming.

gambia april16

All ages are happy to get involved!

All ages get involved

gambia april3

fish farm tank


The poultry shed in the making!

Poultry building

Report on success of Girls Agenda Summer Camp

October 16 2015

The Girls’ Agenda in partnership with For My Sister implemented a summer camp on female genital mutilation
(FGM) and other sexual and reproductive health issues for girls and young women. The activity was
implemented in two phases from the 20th to 30th August, 2015. The aim is to empower girls and young women
with appropriate life skills and knowledge required to be aware of their fundamental human rights and how to
demand for the respect and protection of such rights. A total number of 53 girls and young women were
trained on various modules ranging from life and leadership skills, female genital mutilation, child marriage,
sexual violence, the importance and right to girl’s education, issues of teenage pregnancy and illegal abortion,
comprehensive sexuality education, and entrepreneurship.
If you would like a full report on the weeks activities,please email us.