New Year 2020 in The Gambia

Apart from the excitement and challenges of the Banjul to Barra Ferry our time on the North Bank was very successful.
Since our return three Boreholes have been sunk
Over the coming weeks a lot of work will be done by the young men of each village. They will dig the hundreds of metres of trenches to carry the distribution pipework to strategic location through their villages, in total well over 2,000 mts. Hard manual work in hot sunshine.

While this trench digging takes place the construction team using circular moulded bricks will build the water towers to support the minimum 6000 litre (6 tonne) tanks at a height of approx 5 mts above the ground. This elevation of the storage tanks ensures sufficient pressure to “push” the water throughout the distribution network.

Our very first village, Bafaluto ,some 11 years ago, still has the same fully function Water System. We see no reason , with reasonable maintenance carried out by the villagers, why it won’t continue for at least another 11 years. One of the best value for money investments we have ever made.

However the original fencing of the village vegetable garden has rusted badly much to the joy of goats and other 4 legged intruders. We contributed to the Garden Fund and a full scale repair job has been carried out. .

Who we are?

Pamela Morgan and Brian Harrold are the trustees of PING Charity and we thought we should put faces to the names.

We are excited about this year’s project, working with The Girls Agenda we are going to build the Women’s Centre in Mansour, near Brikama. The land of 100mt by 100mt is bought already and we are finalising planning approval, and we really need your help to finance this project. Every little bit helps so please hit the donate button now.

Garden Project Bafaluto

An area of almost 3 acres was cleared and 6 irrigation wells were hand dug to a depth of 8 to 10 metres. These would allow year round irrigation and depending on the vegetable/fruit allow 3 or 4 harvests a year. A substantial fence had to be erected to keep out villager’s animals and wild animals. Tools, seeds and training were also in the budget.

Duration: 5 months

Cost: €17,000

Clean Water Project Bafaluto

This involved drilling a 6” borehole 80 metres deep. Solar panels were needed to pump the water from this depth to an elevated 20 mt3 Storage Tank from where gravity feeds it to a number of taps throughout the widely scattered village. This project ran concurrently with the garden work.

We supplied Momodou with a laptop and digital camera getting almost daily emails and pictorial updates on progress. We visited Bafaluto in late November and were not disappointed. There was a great “buzz” about the village, clean water would be running before Tobaski (Dec 20th), the garden was being divided up to plots and each household would have its own area to begin cultivating in January 2008. Project completed within budget and on schedule.

Duration: 5 months

Cost: €55,000

Brick Machines

We have the two brick machines on site now at Njongon,all the way from the southern tip of India. The villagers have spent weeks gathering oyster shells which they fired in open fires to reduce them to lime. They have bagged 150 bags of lime which will be used with the earth and 15% cement to make the bricks in the manual hydraulic presses. They are then dried in the sun and will be used to repair their own homes first and then sold to surrounding villages. The bricks will be made here for future water tanks.Training has started on site from a local company who have been using the same brick machines for a year already.

report on Girls Agenda Summer Camp

The Girls’ Agenda in partnership with For My Sister implemented a summer camp on female genital mutilation
(FGM) and other sexual and reproductive health issues for girls and young women. The activity was
implemented in two phases from the 20th to 30th August, 2015. The aim is to empower girls and young women
with appropriate life skills and knowledge required to be aware of their fundamental human rights and how to
demand for the respect and protection of such rights. A total number of 53 girls and young women were
trained on various modules ranging from life and leadership skills, female genital mutilation, child marriage,
sexual violence, the importance and right to girl’s education, issues of teenage pregnancy and illegal abortion,
comprehensive sexuality education, and entrepreneurship.
please e mail us for a full report.