Picture Framing & Woodturning

unique handcrafted pens from 35 euro
unique handcrafted pens from 35 euro

We have found it very difficult to raise funds for our projects in the Gambia and have decided to add some new ideas. We have trained for several months and have now set up a picture framing workshop.

We can frame your photos,make collages,canvases and memorabilia in a wide variety of mountings and frames. We have included examples of our work. We are working with a local photographer David James who specialises in golf and general landscapes.

We have also framed mirrors and can print vinyl designs or messages for the mirrors.

Brian has developed a skill in wood turning and has put it to good use, making beautiful wooden pens which we can sell from  20.00 plus postage.

All the funds raised from our new ventures will go directly to the next water system in the Gambia.

We need 45000.00stg for the next project and we currently have 9500.00stg.