1st qtr 2020 workplan completed

In January we committed to do work in 4 villages and in spite of Covid 19 hold ups the work programme is completed.

The largest of the villages Jamagen now has a fully functioning Clean Water System and an extensive Distribution Network.

In the same most northern part of the country near the Senegal border is the village of Sambayassin where the Water Systems has been completed. Nearby we carried out repair works on the existing system in Mallick Sarr.

Kerr Wally a village in which we had provided a Water System a few years ago had a village vegetable garden situated quite a distance from the nearest source of water. This resulted in hours per day being spent carrying water by the women to the garden. We have sunk a Borehole in their 1.5 hectare garden and work to complete the system is in hand. The garden also needs extensive repairs to the fencing which which will be carried out by the villagers once our negotiations on supply of fencing wire is finalised.

We are also encouraging compound holders with sizeable home gardens, 500 to 1,000 mt2 to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their cultivation by the introduction of Low Pressure Drip Feed irrigation. This is a long term project which we will encourage in all 10 villages with which we have established contacts.

Below is the young forward looking Alkalo of Jamagen turning on the Clean Water System for the first time. Current travel restriction made it impossible for us to be their to share in their celebrations.

Busy month in The Gambia.

Having made commitments and organised funding on our Christmas visit it has been full steam ahead. both in Bafaluto and on the North Bank, more on it later.

The fencing repairs of Bafaluto’s 5 acre garden are complete and after clearing the remnants of the last harvest the women are busy planting the next one.

The village was lucky enough to get help from another donor last year to sink a small borehole, solar panels, pump and water storage tanks. For the previous 10 years since PING first established the market garden they have manually pulled buckets from depths of 6 mts from the round concrete irrigation wells. Many of the women we met at Christmas have been doing this back breaking method of irrigation since day one and are now so happy to have water available from the blue storage tanks.

Update shortly on the Water System progress in Jamagen up near the Senegal border, situated just about the bottom of the “k” in Niumi National Park.